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Elbow Specialist - Framingham, Milford, Concord, Westford, MA


At New England Hand Associates, treating elbow conditions and injuries is part of our commitment to addressing the full range of your upper extremity needs – from fingertips to shoulders. Our surgeons perform a variety of elbow procedures to treat conditions like tennis or golfer's elbow, fractures, radial and cubital tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and throwing injuries - conditions and injuries affecting the ligaments and/or tendons surrounding the elbow.

These conditions can cause pain that radiates down to your wrist and fingers, so it takes a specialized, upper extremity orthopedic surgeon to properly diagnose your problem and recommend the best treatment for you. We assist patients requiring elbow ligament repair or reconstruction, nerve decompression and transposition, and reconstruction or replacement of the elbow joint.

Conditions we treat:

Treatments we provide:

Dr. Jeffrey Dietz and Dr. Michael Brunelli specialize in elbow surgery. They have helped many patients recover from painful elbow injuries, with and without surgery. Don’t live with the pain any longer – call now for an appointment: (508) 872-7881. We’ll see you in one of our four convenient offices in Framingham, Milford, Concord, or Westford.